• iphone 6 new work photos 224.JPGAre you dis-satisfied with the way your current landscaping looks? Do you feel like it is not providing you and others in your home with what you need, including aesthetic concerns? If so, then we are here to help you transform the appearance of your outdoor space so that you can proudly display them to everyone that you know and get the most of your outdoor area. Your garden should be an extension of your home and draw you outside to enjoy the space.

    The first thing that you should consider regarding landscape design is your budget. The size and scope of your project will have a great deal to do with the choices that you make. If you have owned your home for quite a while or just purchased a new property, then you may want to think about allowing a designer come in and assess the best possible use for your outdoor area that will fit with you budget. Jamie from Landscaping Hervey Bay is just a call away to help make your dream come true