• Paving

    Property Maintenance

    Property maintenance has become an essential service for many homeowners and investors in the real estate market. There is no need to leave your property unattended and later spend a lot of money doing repairs that could have otherwise been prevented. Property maintenance will help you save a lot of money and have your property in the best condition possible. Having Landscaping Hervey Bay [...]

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    Privacy Screens

    Do you have an issue with privacy in your garden. Can the neighbours or anyone passing by look straight into your property. Do you have unsightly areas in your yard like bins, gas bottles or air conditioning units that you want to hide? If so, you need some screening. We can install all types of screening to suit your situation and budget. We have recently done a lot of jobs using [...]

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    Paving around pools.

     Paving around a pool area is very important and there are a few things that should be kept in mind when designing the area. 1- The paving design should allow adequate space for access and seating to comfortable fit everyone in. You don't want to have to squeeze past seating to walk around the pool. 2- The paving choice should be as non slip as possible in a wet situation. It is no fun [...]

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    Landscape Design

    Are you dis-satisfied with the way your current landscaping looks? Do you feel like it is not providing you and others in your home with what you need, including aesthetic concerns? If so, then we are here to help you transform the appearance of your outdoor space so that you can proudly display them to everyone that you know and get the most of your outdoor area. Your garden should be an [...]

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  • Turf preperation

    For a great result when laying a new lawn you need to get the preparation right. There are a few important steps to follow to produce a fantastic result and get the full benefit from your investment.

    1- Spray round up on the area to kill all weeds and unwanted turf at least 7 days before you want to lay your new lawn. 

    2- Dig out the site so you can bring in a minimum of 50mm of quality soil.

    3- If the area has clay soil use gypsum at 25kg to every 100sqm to help break up the soil. If it is sandy soil use dolomite or lime at the same rate and rake it in.

    4- Bring in your quality soil and spread evenly and create run off for any drainage issues your site might have.

    5- Remember to leave it 25mm under you finished height to allow for the depth of the turf. This will allow your turf to be level with your paths or driveway. 40mm if you are laying Sir Walter. 

    6- Now is the time to spread your fertilizer over the area. Go to your local garden center and buy a turf starter fertilizer with a wetting agent in it. The wetting agent will help hold the moisture in the soil and give the turf it's best chance to grow.

    7- Begin laying your turf. Start from a straight edge and make sure it is butted up tight together and not overlapping.

    8- Water all turf in well so it is soaked.

    9- Use a roller to roll all the turf so the roots get pushed in to the soil. If you don't have access to a roller please hire one for half a day because this step makes a big difference in the finish.

    10 - Keep the turf moist for two weeks and you will have a beautiful lawn into the future.

  • Paving and retaining walls.

    This is a paver stepping path and retaining wall we have just completed. The reason they look so good is that we take time to set out properly. We make sure our string line is set straight and at the right height and we constantly check the levels as we go. We also lay all our pavers on a bed of mortar so once they are set they stay exactly where they are meant to be. 

  • Getting Your Yard Ready for Christmas

    There are only 3 more Saturdays until Christmas!  There are a few simple steps you can take to get your yard looking great to impress your family and friends when entertaining this Christmas.

    STEP 1- Lawn Care- who doesn't love a nice tidy, green lawn.   The tidy bit is easy- the green bit is not so easy in Queensland!  Frist things first- tidy- pick up all dead branches, fronds, old dog toys etc.  Already things look better!

    Next- mow!  Don't be tempted to cut too much away- aim not to cut more than one third of the leaf- leaving the leaf long encourages better root growth and as a result, more hardy, tolerant turf.   If you are really keen to impress- you can mow weekly until Christmas!

    After mowing- apply a liquid lawn fertilizer- preferably one that screws onto the hose so you can spray with one hand and enjoy your favourite cold beverage with the other!  

    Get cracking- more tips next week!

  • Synthetic Turf.

    This is a synthetic turf job we finished recently. The client is looking forward to spreading out a towel and laying around the pool.