• Property Maintenance

  • Property Maintenance.

    Property maintenance has become an essential service for many homeowners and investors in the real estate market. There is no need to leave your property unattended and later spend a lot of money doing repairs that could have otherwise been prevented. Landscaping Hervey Bay will maintain your garden on a regular basis and help you save money and have your property in the best condition possible.

    Having Landscaping Hervey Bay looking after your property will ensure that everything is in place, and will help increase the value of the property or keep your tenants happy. The team from Landscaping Hervey Bay has the skills and experience to deal with any issue that might arise during maintenance. The team will provide the best maintenance service for homeowners and investors in the Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast Region. From maintaining your garden right through to fixing a leaking tap, they have you covered.

    You can expect everything to run smoothly from day one. This is possible when it comes to property maintenance, because we know what to expect and what to do. We take the shortest period of time to get acquainted with the property and know your expectations. We take pride in delivering what we promise so you can just relax and enjoy life.

    If your property has not been used or managed for a certain period of time, then we are there to help you. We will do our best to ensure we give your garden the new look it deserves and will restore the property and do all the repairs needed.

    Landscaping Hervey Bay delivers on the services that we promise within the time agreed on. Time is money, and that is why we put a lot of effort in ensuring we keep our timeline while at the same time providing high-quality services that can’t be found anywhere else on the Fraser Coast. If you have any questions or corrections that need to be addressed just call Jamie and they will be answered or fixed in the best and most timely way possible.

    We provide many different services at Landscaping Hervey Bay. This saves you time and money having to deal with more then one contractor. Some of the services we offer include; mowing, edging, blowing, weed spraying, pest and disease spraying, plant care, mulching, irrigation, hedging and pruning, site cleans and a full Handy Man service covering inside and outside of your property.

    The handyman services covers things such as fixing any broken outdoor structure or furniture, leaking tapes, changing light bulbs, door hinges etc. We believe in providing you with all the services and ensuring you spend the least amount possible. We will also handle every project in the most professional way possible to ensure the best quality work,that will deliver beyond your expectations.

    Landscaping Hervey Bay also offer property maintenance services for holiday care. The next time you want to travel or have an unoccupied property, you will not have to worry about the condition of the property, because we got it. This service can be applied on a short term or long term basis. Give Jamie a call, you won’t be disappointed you did.