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Domestic Irrigation

Domestic Irrigation.

There is nothing more satisfying for a homeowner then seeing their property in perfect condition, with plants, flowers and lawn in the best condition possible. There are many people who have spent a lot of money on their gardens ensuring the best possible look for their outdoor space. Having them in the best condition possible means watering them regularly and taking good care of them.

Watering can be a challenge for many owners because most people don’t have enough time do to the job properly. There is nothing worse than having work done or doing work on your garden or lawn and it ends up worse than it was before because of lack of water. Domestic irrigation is a good solution for many people and their gardens.

Jamie and his team from Landscaping Hervey Bay can install most types of automatic or manual irrigation systems in your existing garden or when the build a new landscape project for you. He will discuss all the options with you and design the best system to suit your garden and budget.

Domestic irrigation systems have a number of benefits for the homeowner:

  • Preventing Disease and Weeds

Specialized drip irrigation system directs water specifically to the roots, rather than sprinkling water to the entire garden, reaching places that have no plants at all and being lost to evaporation. This gives weeds a chance to easily germinate, giving you even more work to do to keep your garden looking great. With a domestic irrigation system in place, surrounding weeds have a harder time germinating. There will also be less water on the leaves, preventing leaf disease that are usually caused by standing droplets on the foliage.

  • Conserve water and time.

Hand watering plants using a hose can take a lot of time and interferes with your morning or even routine. It is also done in day light hours when evaporation is at its highest and a lot of the water is lost. Domestic irrigations systems have timers that enable them to turn on and off and you can pre-set for daily or weekly watering at night to prevent evaporation and get the best use of your water. This will save you time and lot of money on your water bills.

The team at Landscaping Hervey Bay will provide the best services when it comes to installation and repairs of domestic irrigations systems in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast Region. With many years of experience in the field, Jamie knows which system will suit your garden best and he only uses the best quality materials available. Landscaping Hervey Bay provides the best maintenance services on the Fraser Coast that ensures you won’t ever have to worry about your garden’s irrigation system.

You can choose from both manual and automatic systems, depending on your preference or budget. Jamie can also do the installation when they are doing a landscaping project, or at an existing property that needs help watering its outdoor garden areas.


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