• Synthetic Turf

  • Multi-use.  

    Do you want an area the kids can play on all year round, or maybe your own personal practice putting green, or perhaps a hitting bay to practice your golf swing.

    Evergreen all year round.

    You don’t have to put up with “dead” looking lawns through the year.  Ignore the seasons which affect how good your lawn looks and have green grass all year round.

    Conserve water

    Droughts and high water bills are a thing of the past with artificial turf

    Cooler in Summer

    Easily deflects most summer sunlight for a 20% cooler surface than other turf

    Easy to install

    Sit back and see how easy it is installed by our professional installers

    Very low maintenance

    No mowing, fertilising, watering or weeding needed. Enjoy your weekends.