• Vertical Gardens

  • Vertical Gardens.

    Vertical gardens are a wonderful way to grow to grow and maintain a garden when there is limited space available. This may be in a unit or townhouse complexes, retirement villages and even residential homes where the yards are getting smaller and smaller. They are also a great option for business entrances and court yards which can be dreary places for your staff to have breaks. Fences, trellises, brick walls are used in hanging the garden and creating what is known as “living walls.” Vertical gardens can also be planted up in free standing structures specially made for the job. 

    Maximizing the use of limited space.

    For many urban dwellers, space is usually the main reason why they don’t have any gardens around their properties. Many of them usually opt for community rooftop or terrace gardens which give them little input into the gardens care or design. With such a limit on the horizontal space available, many people have chosen to go with vertical gardens within their own dwellings walls. What is interesting with vertical gardening is that the smallest space available can be used to create an outstanding display or even a producing vegie garden.

    Keeping a garden contained.

    Taking care of different plants over a large area is a tiring task that many people don’t want to do. In vertical gardening, you can easily take care of the plants and not have to work around the garden for a long period of time. You can also experiment with growing different types of plants without having to spend a lot of effort and time digging a large portion of the garden or yard.

    Dual purpose.

    Vertical gardening can be more than just growing plants, but also can help you hide what you don’t want other people to see. This will enhance the look of the garden. This is usually done by establishing a vertical garden on features such as utility boxes or garden sheds.

    In the cities, vertical gardens will also be responsible for not only providing enjoyment to the gardener but also providing an insulation for buildings and capturing rainwater reducing the runoff, which can sometimes cause destruction.

    Bringing gardening to new places

    Many of the cities have close quarters and have no private outdoor space. Many of the people living in the city usually want to garden but have no space to do so. But with vertical gardening, they can easily have their gardens in no time. Vertical gardening will give them a chance to get in touch with their gardening passion.

    Gardening should not be available for people with outdoor space, but for people who enjoy gardening. There is nothing that will make you happier than harvesting from your garden and enjoying the fruits of your sweat. Vertical gardens can be used in any place, and plants can be easily changed. You also won’t spend a lot of time weeding. So give Landscaping Hervey Bay a call and ask what they can do for your confined space or unsightly business entrance.